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Avant Healthcare Services Limited

Avant Healthcare Services Limited

About this provider

Professional care and support services in your home

Who we are?
Avant provides quality care to customers and their families, who require care and support mainly in their homes, enabling them to live independent lives as long as possible and with dignity.

For many people the questions about care don’t arise until there is a sudden need.

Most of us think that there is a stark choice between living self sufficiently, without care, or going in to a residential home. However this is not the case and Avant has the solution.

We allow our customers to live full, interesting lives and stay within the comfort
of their own home.

Care at home usually involves one or more visits a day for relatively short periods, to help with the everyday tasks of life. Longer visits are available as well, including overnight care or live-in care.

We work closely with many specialist charities and organisations to ensure we offer the best support for those with dementia, mental health problems, physical disabilities, learning disabilities, Parkinson’s, brain or spinal injuries, multiple sclerosis and motor neurone disease, among other conditions.

We also provide care after a stroke, palliative care, and specialist support for children and their families.

Hand picked care professionals for your needs

Avant is a forward thinking care provider with a growing network of offices throughout the UK. It was created to provide quality, sustainable care and support services ensuring our customers needs are put before our own.

We are successful because we provide excellent quality care for our customers. We treat our customers with the respect and care they deserve.

We produce a care plan which will be tailor made for you. We will talk to you about just what you want and respect your wishes throughout. We may discuss this with family and friends to ensure this works for you and those closest to you.

All of our staff are hand picked and fully trained to provide a safe, efficient and friendly
service which will meet your requirements of care.

We continually train and develop our staff to make sure that they are fully up to date on modern
methods and techniques but, at the same time, we recognise that customer satisfaction is vital which is why we always strive to improve our service

Through our links with specialist charities and organisations we ensure that our technology of care is the most sophisticated it can be to help our carers.

This means that we will always be at the forefront of care and that we will always go the extra mile in ensuring we keep our customers extremely happy.

Any issues are dealt with quickly and effectively. We believe customer feedback is key in ensuring we continually develop our service.

We aim to provide the best care service around and we will do everything we can to ensure we provide this.

Our services include:-

  • Help with getting in and out of bed
  • Preparing and cooking of food and drink
  • Trips to see friends, relatives, sightseeing or leisure activities
  • Shopping
  • Washing and ironing
  • Personal hygiene
  • Cleaning the home
  • Assist with medication
  • Overnight care
  • Supporting children and their families
  • Live in care

Our carers skills:-

  • Older people
  • Dementia/Alzheimer’s
  • Mental health
  • Physical disabilities
  • Learning disabilities
  • Palliative care
  • Care after a stroke
  • Rehabilitation
  • Parkinson’s
  • Acquired brain injury
  • Spinal injury
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Motor neurone
  • Other specialist conditions

How do I start?
Phone us and have a chat about what sort of care and support you would like. We are happy to give advice and discuss with you how best to set up your service. We will come and visit you to have a face to face meeting and talk about all those little details which can make a difference.

You may want your family or friends around you at this point to help but this can be discussed over the phone.

After discussions we will go away and produce a tailored plan for your specific needs.

We will then set up the service and introduce you to your care and support worker. We will make sure to discuss with your care and support worker exactly what you want. We will make sure that is what you get, by supporting and supervising the people who provide your care and support.

What happens next?
Over time we will check in with you to see how you are getting on and if there is anything that we can improve on so you get the best service.

During these discussions it will be your opportunity to provide us with feedback about your care and support worker, our services and any issues you may have. Your care and support is always going to be our primary concern.

We will do whatever we can to ensure you can live independently at home with dignity. We will always be available for contact should you need us.

Contact details

The Vista Centre, 6th Floor, 50 Salisbury Road, Hounslow, Middlesex TW4 6JQ

020 3805 0610





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