Community Behavioural Team

Community Behavioural Team

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Community Behavioural Team (C.B.T) is a specialist team of Behavioural Consultants who offer information, advice and support to the referred customer displaying any behaviour described as challenging and his/her family/carer/professionals. C.B.T are intent on answering the What, Why, When, Where and How to Challenging Behaviour C.B.T accepts referrals from Parents/ Carers and professionals such as CAHMS, Social Workers, Teachers, Health Visitors, Private and Local Authority Residential Homes/Units etc.

The customers rendered services Include:

  • Adults, Children and Young People diagnosed with learning disabilities, learning difficulties
  • Adults, children and Young People diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, Down Syndrome, Fital Alcohol Syndrome etc.
  • Adults, Children and Young People diagnosed with mental health problems

C.B.T Behavioural Consultant will support the Customer and his/her family in the environment the behaviours are displayed (family home, school, respite unit, residential unit) using a holistic approach to behavioural analysis (including psychosocial factors), implementation of behavioural strategies and management of challenging behaviour. We are intent on empowering the customer and the parent/ carer/ professional with behavioural management strategies.

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8 Seldon Street, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD5 9HH

01274 415 469

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