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uWatch Ltd

uWatch Ltd

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uWatch offer a remote monitoring solution that can be deployed in a residential environment to keep an eye on the elderly, sick, infirm. When placed in a high traffic area within the house it will sense movement of the occupant and send an alert to a concerned relative or care workers' smartphone indicating normal behaviour. This provides peace of mind. No alerts mean no movement which indicates a problem and the need for a visit.

The uWatch Cube is a battery-operated computer with GSM/GPRS communications. This device includes a PIR sensor to pick up movement, a still camera, a shock sensor (accelerometer), GPS and a temperature sensor.

This is not a Wi-Fi based solution, and when deployed in a house will sense movement and temperature and send an alert to a smartphone APP within 60 seconds. A concerned relative or a Care in the Community organisation can quickly deploy this device. Due to its mobile nature, it can be moved from location to location.

uWatch is a British company and is manufactured in Great Britain.

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Mill Brook House,Caps Lane,Cholsey,Oxfordshire,OX109HF




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