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Personalized Care Services

Personalized Care Services

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Personalized Care Services exclusively provides Care & Support for people with complex health and social care needs in Keighley and the wider Yorkshire area. Our vision is to offer 24-hour support for the elderly, people with complex health and social care needs, Dementia, Autism spectrum disorders, Asperger’s Syndrome and people with a Dual Diagnosis (Learning Disabilities and/or Functional Mental Health) who have experienced difficulties settling into a community based environment in the past.

With our vast experience and expertise, we aim to provide homecare and support to enable people to gain the skills and confidence to become part of their community in which the elderly, and people with complex health and social care needs live and feel both valued and respected.

Personalized Care Services will support the elderly who require extra support to live independently in their own homes. This extra support might take the form of support with household tasks or personal care, or any other activity that the person would find difficult on their own. Supporting people to live active lives.

We provide support in a way that best suits each individual, whether that’s support around the clock, or by dropping in to support with specific tasks, like washing and cleaning.

Our model of support is to deliver care that empowers individuals. We will work closely with people to find out what they want to do, providing tailored support to assist them to do it. This means supporting people to do things themselves, rather than doing it for them - we know this leads to increased independence, engagement, and more control.

Personalized Care Services believes in the need to promote and create valued social roles for people with complex health and social care needs. We aim to develop opportunities for people to become active members of their local community, to enable them to develop new skills, enjoy new experiences, and build greater confidence and self-esteem.

Our contribution will be to enable people with complex health and social care needs to develop new, and maintain existing friendships, promote supported adult learning; leisure/recreational opportunities with a person-centred approach, and create new opportunities for people to build extensive contacts in their local community. Evening and weekend time will be spend accessing local amenities swimming pools, sports Centre’s, cinemas, horse riding, bowling alleys etc. We aim also to support residents with learning disabilities to frequent the local night scene in and around the Bradford district. We will strive to offer a choice of opportunities for people who wish to spend their leisure/recreational time experiencing a number of different activities.

Our daytime opportunities will make full use of mainstream facilities, supported employment, volunteer work, adult learning and other meaningful day time opportunities within the wider community where people can feel valued and respected participants.

Quality time may also be spent enjoying the company of a particular individual or group. The activities within relationships will depend entirely on individual needs choices and abilities of all friends and partners. They will be designed to complement each other.

PCS will support people progress through a clear pathway to greater independence. As people increase their skills with our tailored support, we will work towards individual’s goals and aspiration, reflecting their current needs, providing focused staff support towards maintaining and enhancing greater independence. We will support individuals towards increased community participation, through natural community support networks, education, leisure, recreation and social events.

Personalized Care Services will enable people to live full active lives in their local communities, by providing the appropriate level of support in a person-centred manner.

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23 Temple Row, Keighley, West Yorkshire, BD21 2AH




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