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Kirklees Council - Steps to support

Kirklees Council - Steps to support

Steps to support

Kirklees Council has a duty to meet the needs of the whole population of Kirklees as well as specific statutory duties to those people who have assessed needs for social care. These include universally available services which are available to everybody and targeted services which are provided for people who have specific social care needs identified through an assessment.

Social Care services in Kirklees are delivered through key strategic partnerships with health and social care providers such as NHS Kirklees and independent and voluntary sector social care providers.

The service supports adults to maintain and improve their health and wellbeing, enhance life chances, maximise independence and provide greater choice and control. We provide statutory social work and social care focussing on personal support activities and holistic care. We work through a culture of independence and enablement by adopting a personalised approach to work with adults, older people, carers and their families.

Steps to support can help you regain your daily living skills, increasing your confidence and abilities. Support is available if you are recovering from a stay in hospital, an illness, injury or finding everyday living tasks difficult. We also provide services to people who are recovering from surgery and who need help to get their skills, confidence and independence back.

Kirklees Council Steps to support:

In addition we provide services with health professionals to support people who have end of life needs and wish to remain at home.