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Around the house

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Equipment to help you around the house

Grab rails

A permanent fixture to the structure of a property to offer support to a person if trying to adjust position or steady themself. Most are attached to a wall and require a person to have sufficient arm strength and hand function to be able to hold it. It may require fixing in place therefore it is important to consider the strength of the wall and whether it is an internal or external wall.

Leg rest

A portable foot rest that can be used to raise a persons legs when sat down. Consider whether they would have the strength to move it out of the way themself in order to get into and out of their chair.


A mobile device that can be used to enable a person to be physically lifted and moved from one position to another without the need to stand. Consider the surface that the hoist needs to be pushed on. It is recommended that a mobile hoist requires 2 carers to safely use it.


A portable sloping surface that may be used as an alternative to having to climb a couple of steps. Please be aware that the recommended gradient for a ramp is 1:12 therefore it is necessary to check that the ramp will not be too steep. Other considerations are the weight of the ramp and whether the person transporting it has sufficient strength and flexibility to be abler to move and install it correctly.


May be used to reduce the effective height of existing steps. Consider the dimensions of the step relating to where it will be used.


A person is lifted in a hoist using a sling. It is essential that a sling is compatible with the hoist that it is intended to be used with, is the correct size and is appropriate for the type of transfer that it will undertaking.



Items that will help you to exercise different parts of your body.



Games that have been adapted to make it easier for a person with functional difficulties to use.

Sensory Equipment


Items that can be used for rehabilitation by stimulating the senses.



Consists of a seat which is mounted to a track and allows people to be moved up and down the stairs while remaining in a seated position. There are many considerations with this type of equipment and advice should be obtained from a professional.

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