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What is Connect to Support York?

Connect to Support (CtS) is York's online ecommerce shopping site, local directory and information and advice guide for adults with health and social care requirements.

Connect to Support has three main functions:

  1. an e-marketplace (like Amazon) which offers customers and carers a quick and easy way to find and buy products and services. Individuals are able to fund their own care or use their direct payment using the automated invoice system which produces an audit trail
  2. a directory of free/low cost local groups, activities and services to boost community participation and build community capacity
  3. an information and advice for individuals, carers, personal assistants, service providers, community organisations and health and social care professionals

Customers using Connect to Support York will be able to:

  • see all the products and services available and ensure value for money, choice and control
  • search by provider of services, product type and category of health and social care need
  • see what groups, activities and services there are in the local community to promote social inclusion, self esteem and independence
  • find information and advice in relation to health and social care needs and become better informed on the support services out there
  • access the 'My Life' section to read real life case stories, chat to the expert and access support planning and other useful documentation
  • be less dependent on formal care and feel more in control of their own care needs through choice, control and enablement
  • buy on behalf of a relative or friend that lives away or who may not be as digitally aware
  • use Connect to Support's account system to manage their budget and care packages which includes an auditable and automatic invoicing system

Why do we have Connect to Support York?

City of York Council is one of 15 local councils, in partnership with shop4support, the Association of Directors for Adult Social Services (ADASS) who have collaberatively funded Connect to Support. Connect to Support York has been developed in line with the criteria set out in the draft Care and Support Bill and in conjunction with Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) who are a national, cross sector partnership focused on driving forward personalisation and community-based social care.

TLAP work in partnership with individuals, carers and organisations and have developed the document 'Making it Real' which encompasses key customer statements as to how care and support services should be delivered. These statements have shaped new legislation and are a bench mark for organisations to check if they are meeting the needs of the customer.

How to use Connect to Support York

Caroline Tomlinson is one of the driving forces behind the personalisation agenda and has developed shop4support to offer an ecommerce site so customers have choice and control when it comes to purchasing their health and care needs. Caroline was inspired by her son who became one of the first people to have a personal budget and didn't know where to go to spend it. Caroline shares her experience as well as giving instructions on how to use the site in her introductory video.

Connect to Support York also has a buyer's guide to using the website. Both of these are accessible from the homepage, www.connecttosupport.org/york

Before Buying on Connect to Support York

Connect to Support York has been developed to give residents in York more choice in how their support needs are met. If a resident is thinking about buying a product or service there are some important things to consider.

The organisations listed on Connect to Support York are responsible for their own content. Being included on the website does not mean that City of York Council has checked or approved the services provided by the organisations. The person buying the service or product is responsible for the choice they make.

For people who think they may be eligible for financial support to meet their care needs, City of York Council will undertake a Social Care Assessment. If a product or service is purchased prior to an assessment for eligibility the buyer is liable for the money and it may not be refunded if it doesn't meet the outcomes set out in an assessed care plan. We recommend residents have a conversation with a Social Worker about this. For further information on purchasing products and services online please visit Buyers Information. People are able to self fund their care prior to an assessment. However, as the person buying the service or product, they are responsible for the choice they make.

If using a direct payment to pay for services, users are advised to make sure what they buy meets the outcomes set out in their care plan. We recommend residents have a conversation with a Social Worker about this.

If not eligible for financial support, Connect to Support York can be used to find out about services that may be free or low cost and also services and products that can be purchased.

How to register

To register please go to www.connecttosupport.org/york and login to your account and go to My Account.

For providers wishing to trade on Connect to Support York, please visit our information for providers section of the website. For help with marketing and registration, please contact shop4support on 0333 600 6330.

To add or edit an entry into the community directory of Local Groups and Activities, please complete the Community Information Directory sign up form.

Tell us what you think about Connect to Support York

Connect to Support York is a new and revolutionary idea in terms of providing an online digital and accessible service to meet the needs of people with health and social care requirements. However we want to continually improve this site and ensure that information and advice as well as products and services are as up to date and as accurate as possible. Please provide feedback by using the 'Tell us what you think' button on Connect to Support York Homepage.

Contact us

  • If you require services from Adult Social Care please contact CYC Customer Service Team on 01904 551 550 who can refer you to the Adult Social Care Team.
  • If you require further information on care and support services please visit www.connecttosupport.org/york
  • If you would like to register on Connect to Support please visit www.connecttosupport.org/york and login to your account and go to My Account.
  • If you are a provider and want to offer services/products through Connect to Support York, please visit our information for providers section of the website.
  • If you require marketing support or would like more information about registering with Connect to Support please ring shop4support 0333 600 6330
  • If you want to report a safeguarding issue, if you are being abused, or you suspect someone else is being abused contact us on (01904) 555111 or North Yorkshire Police on 0845 60 60 247.
  • If there is something on Connect to Support York you are not happy with or you would like more information please email adult.socialsupport@york.gov.uk

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