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Care Dynamics Yorkshire Limited (CDY) offer real choice and control over the services they provide and passionately believe in finding the very best, cost effective solutions to meet their customers ever changing needs.

Their key principles are: respect, dignity, kindness, compassion and independence, therefore the people CDY support are encouraged to take control of how their own services are planned and delivered with their customers views and wishes at the centre of everything they do.

They are CQC registered and their comprehensive services include: care/support for older people, children, people with learning and physical disabilities and specialist services such as acquired brain injuries, dementia and autism.

Because CDY provide to the entire age spectrum and to people with many varied needs, they offer “no obligation” home visits, allowing both an understanding of the individual person and their exact requirements. Care/support plans are created and based on compatibility, they will select a small number of employees who are suited to the prospective customers' needs. They then offer staff profiles containing personal and professional information allowing their customers to make an informed decision. Prior to commencing the service, they arrange for the selected small staff team to informally meet the customer to ensure compatibility. Services are then monitored and regularly reviewed.

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Low Hall, 80 Otley Road, Shipley, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD18 3SA

01274 307533

User reviews


My 19 year old daughter "S" likes pop music, i-carly on the television, going to her grandma’s, fun bubbly people, the sound and feeling of flicking the pages of a book, ritz biscuits and eggs on toast.

She has cerebral palsy so needs help with bathing, personal care, toileting, dressing and undressing, feeding, drinking, getting up and going to bed and is given medication via a peg feed. My daughter obviously has complex needs and it’s my responsibility to ensure these are met completely and to make sure she lives a happy, fulfilling life.

Over the years I have worked with numerous organisations but until Care Dynamics I struggled to find an agency that met the very high standards of care and support that I demand.

"S" and myself make the decisions about the care and support she receives. "S" can be understood if people take the time to listen and the Care Dynamics staff team certainly does this. They consult us about the care being given and change the teams approached as and when needed.

They are very flexible with their rota so as well as meeting “S’s” needs they do not impact on my busy family life, often changing things at very short notice to meet our on-going requirements.

"S" is very well cared for and loves going out on one-to-one support. She really enjoys swimming on a Saturday and socialising with the help of her personal assistants.

Nothing seems too much trouble and I find their management team to be very approachable (seven days a week), trustworthy and accommodating. They regularly go "above and beyond her duties" to make sure everything is perfect.

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