How do I use shop4support?

I pay for my support

If you pay for your own support, shop4support is just as easy to use - the diagram below shows you how.
Download our user guide How to pay for products if you pay for your own support here.

Our diagram showing 4 steps using shop4support if you are a self funder

Search & Shop

There are three ways to Search & Shop with shop4support:

My Life

My Life is an area of shop4support where you can find help and advice from experts and other people using shop4support. Here, you'll be able to find:

  • News feed

    You can search through lots of news articles on a wide range of health and social care topics
  • Shared stories

    Share your own experiences, or read other shop4support users' stories right here. Funny, happy, sad, it doesn't matter - we want to hear them!
  • The bigger picture

    National resources that can help you get the most out of your life

Where I Live

In the Where I Live area you'll find a vast range of information linked to your local area and Council. Simply find your listed Council or use shop4support to find out how to contact your Council.

  • The 'Where I Live area' include

    • Up to date information on local news and events
    • All the local social care news and events
    • In this part of shop4support local community organisations can advertise their services, free of charge, to their local area, which means you can find local activities, support groups and clubs to join
    • Online stores belonging to service providers in your area

My Account

My Account holds information about you and your orders:

  • My Profile

    Within My Account, My Profile contains a record of your personal details. You can also change your shop4support password here and create a name that other users will see if you want to use Ask the Expert.